About Us


Welcome to our canvas. We are technology artists,
enthusiastic about the solutions we bring you.

Our founder, Kevin JT Binder, is a serial entrepreneur who over the course of two decades saw a wide range of back-end problems that can stymie businesses. Since 2009, Kevin and the i2 Internet team have dedicated themselves to creating hosting services that effectively handle the needs of small and medium to large-sized businesses.

i2 Internet is uniquely equipped to serve businesses with their eyes on the horizon. i2 is the kind of partner you want by your side while you grow your business.

Kevin's experience with start-ups, business owners and entrepreneurs has given him insight which has resulted in a full set of service offerings that we expect will accommodate all of your hosting needs. With i2 you get speed, performance, and highly specialized systems that will ensure your websites and your servers stay online and accessible. Beyond that, as your business grows, you can count on us at i2 to migrate your services to advanced platforms that can scale with you.