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Cloud3xHow it works

      With Cloud3x, you get true business class service at amazing prices and you can count on us to make sure your websites are snappy and always accessible. If there's ever an issue at one of the servers or datacenters your websites are hosted on, we detect the issue and reroute traffic in 30 seconds or less.

      MANAGED: We work with many vendors including Rackspace, Media Temple, Amazon AWS, and others. We constantly monitor all of them. If one could be doing a better job, we have at least 2 others in place to ensure that your websites are fully functioning, accessible and fast.

      DEDICATED: At all service levels, including our Unlimited Websites level, you get dedicated server speed and high availability for a fraction of the cost you could expect to pay anywhere else. You get your own cloud, and we give you the option to add dedicated business servers as your needs grow.

      SCALABLE: Beyond that, if you or any of your clients see glimmerings of becoming an overnight success, contact us about our scalable business option which replicates business websites to server clusters that can handle even the most outrageous traffic influx predictions.

Bridging the Gap
Upstart + Mission Critical Internet applications and hosting infrastructure.
i2 Internet Incorporated is a Zaz Corporation company.

Innovative. Easy to use.

      Welcome to our canvas. We are technology artists, enthusiastic about the solutions we bring you.

      i2 Internet was founded by Kevin JT Binder, a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience building highly complex systems. With nearly 3 decades of professional experience under his belt, Kevin has a knack for making advanced technology accessible and easy to use.

      The innovation behind Cloud3x is a result of extensive research and development. We expect you will find that Cloud3x is a truly unique and special platform which will serve you well for many years to come.